Guidelines for Special Interest Groups

Academic Pediatric Association Policy for Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

APA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) were instituted to provide a forum for interested members to collaborate and facilitate communication in a particular area of general pediatrics. The APA Board of Directors has provided an operational template for these SIGs.

The SIGs have provided a valuable venue for our membership to network with other colleagues with similar interests, to provide a forum to discuss issues concerning relevant topics to the SIGS, and work towards goals that will benefit the membership of the Academic Pediatric Association at large. Some of the outcomes of the SIGS have included annual innovative meetings, invited speakers at the national PAS Meeting, development of research awards, topic specific manuals, collaborative research projects and collaborative policy statements.

Over the years a very diverse set of SIGs has been established in a variety of disciplines. Their structure varies from a cohesive group of individuals focused on curriculum development, program enhancement or research initiatives to the smaller group that facilitates more informal networking opportunities at the annual meeting. The APA Board of Directors is supportive of each of the individual SIGs, acknowledging that each SIG's continuing success in fueled by the contributions of its individual members.

Please review the following document for additional information on APA SIGs, to include guidelines, helpful hints, PAS prep and more!:

SIG Guidelines & Handbook

Chair of Regions and SIGS
Alison Holmes, MD, MPH (2019)
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
1 Medical Center Drive
Lebanon, NH 03756
Phone: (603) 653-6052




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