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June 2009 newsletter Article

The Special Interest Group on Pain in Childhood met on Saturday morning May 2, 2009. Our guest speaker was Peter Rowe, Professor of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins and Director of the Chronic Fatigue Program at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. Peter has spent much of his career attempting to unravel the etiology of this complex problem. He is also interested in orthostatic intolerance syndromes which not infrequently overlap with chronic fatigue. Dr. Rowe presented an excellent evidence based discussion on this topic reviewing the definition, epidemiology, pathophysiology, and impact of CFS as well as his clinical insights on treatment. He discussed the relationship of both orthostatic intolerance and CFS with hypermobility and theorized on the possible etiology of that association. Finally he discussed current research and the future direction of the field. Dr. Rowe's perspective was based on data from many different disciplines and his own experience and as a result was very unique and creative. The session was very thought-provoking and fascinating, but unfortunately very few meeting attendees found their way to our SIG. Email us for more information about the presentation.

Attendance at the SIG has varied enormously over the years and is highly dependent on the topic with few repeat attendees each year. For example, when we speak about neonatal pain, the audience tends to consist of mostly neonatologists. We get an entirely different group when the subject is needle pain, and still a different group when we focus on complementary medicine or palliative care. This variation has caused us to wonder whether or not to continue with our group given the lack of overlap between attendees each year. We will try again next year in Vancouver, however, when Tim Oberlander of British Columbia Children's Hospital will coordinate our SIG panel. Tim is both a developmental pediatrician and a pain specialist and is a particular expert on pain in children with developmental disabilities. We hope to see you there.

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