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Creating Individual Faculty Development Plan
Prospective Academic General Pediatrics Division Directors

SIG Description

In order to be more inclusive to the talent and interests of the members of the APA, The Division Directors in General Pediatrics SIG is now named the Division Directors SIG. The SIG is open to all Division Directors such as Hospitalist Medicine, Adolescent Medicine, Development and Behavioral Pediatrics and Child Protection whom we all share similar issues such as academic development and promotion, financial constraints and educational and research priorities. We welcome all division directors to our annual meeting at the PAS annual conference as well as communicating with us throughout the year to discuss common issues. We also welcome suggestions for topics that can be addressed at our annual meeting. Current and future academic division chiefs can use the following document, Prospective Academic General Pediatrics Division Directors to assist in defining goals and objectives for you and the division.

Annual Report

Co-chairs:  Mary K. Rogers MD and John W. Harrington MD

SIG purpose/mission: To provide a forum for sharing information amongst academic division directors including but not limited to General Pediatrics, Nursery, Hospitalist Medicine, Adolescent Medicine, Quality and Safety, Development and Behavioral Pediatrics, and Child Abuse Pediatrics.  All of these disciplines share similar issues such as academic development and promotion, financial constraints, and educational/research priorities. We welcome all division directors to our annual meeting at the PAS annual conference as well as communicating with us throughout the year to discuss common issues.

Current SIG goals:

  1. To provide topics that resonate with all division directors that can be discussed at our annual meeting.
  2. To improve communication between institutions and to share current successes and ongoing challenges that are allowing or not allowing your division to reach its potential.

Annual summary:
This year at the PAS in San Francisco our SIG presented two presentations

  1. The Rise of the Advanced Practitioners in Academic Pediatrics: Embrace or Defend
  2. Reconciling the EVU/RVU in One Academic Pediatric Practice

Mary Rogers MD provided a background and growth of the Advanced Practitioner (AP) in Academic Pediatrics and the extent that they are being utilized at different programs. Discussion indicated there is significant variability among different programs on how APs are used currently and how they will be used in the future.

John Harrington MD provided a glimpse into his division's current journey initiating and evaluating and value of the current educational value unit (EVU) versus the better known work relative value unit (wRVU). He will provide an update at mid-year to the attendees at this year's PAS meeting. Each presentation provided lively discussion and seemed pertinent to our colleagues dealing with these aspects in their careers.

PAS summary
During the 2016 PAS Annual Meeting in Baltimore, the Division Directors SIG combined with the Pediatric Residents SIG to present "To Infinity and Beyond: From Resident to Academic Leader".  The program focused on:

  • Career development and planning for residents and fellows interested in academic careers. 
  • Career options and benefits for those pursuing a chief residency. Results from a recent survey of current pediatric chief residents were reviewed.
  • Different pediatric compensation models were compared along with a review of compensation basics.
  • We discussed the possibility of renaming our SIG to "The Academic Leadership SIG" to better characterize the nature of our mission.

John W Harrington MD
Division Director- General Academic Pediatrics
Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters
Norfolk, VA

Mary K Rogers MD
Senior Medical Director-Pediatric Specialties
Carolinas HealthCare System/Levine Children's Hospital
Charlotte, NC

October 2016 Newsletter Article

It's finally Autumn and planning for the 2017 PAS Annual Meeting has begun.  We want to invite directors from any APA program (hospitalist, neonatal, adolescent medicine, general academic pediatrics, ambulatory pediatrics, child abuse, etc.) to join our SIG and benefit from the networking opportunities and leadership tools available within the group.  We try to provide critical information that our SIG can use immediately in their daily lives.  Last year we focused on the recruitment of future leaders in Academic Pediatrics from chief residents and in 2015 we focused on the multiple facets of Quality Improvement.  This year we wish to tackle the use of Advanced Practitioners in Academic Pediatrics.   This is likely to be a lively discussion and we welcome input from everyone concerning your experience using advanced practitioners in Academic Pediatrics.See below for what we have in store and stay tuned for more information once the date of our SIG meeting becomes available.

"The Rise of Advanced Practitioners in Academic Pediatrics: Embrace or Defend?"  A Primer for Division Directors

Outpatient models have "patient-centered medical homes" and inpatient models have hospitalist, nursery, and ICU teams that provide systems of care that are being measured nationally. Bending the cost-curve requires producing high quality outcomes with lower costs and overhead. A steady and well-trained workforce is necessary to achieve these quality and productivity goals. In Academic Pediatrics, compliance with resident work-hour restrictions has prompted academic departments to find alternative workforce solutions.  Academic Pediatrics has responded with the use of the advanced practitioners such as neonatal nurse practitioners (NNPs), Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (PNP), Physician Assistants (PAs), and Clinical Nurse Specialists. Some states and medical societies have embraced this as the "brave new world" and are expanding training opportunities for advanced practitioners while other states and medical societies are limiting scope of practice to maintain their turf for physicians only. We will discuss the different levels of care currently provided by advanced practitioners in academic pediatric healthcare settings and trends for the future. Please join us to discuss this movement in Pediatrics and strategies for adapting to this new practice environment.

See you in San Francisco!

Division Directors Co-Chairs:

John Harrington: Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters, Norfolk, VA   John.Harrington@chkd.org

Mary K. Rogers: Levine Children's Hospital, Charlotte, NCmary.rogers@carolinashealthcare.org

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Current SIG Co-Chairs:

John Harrington, MD
Chidlren's Hospital of The King's Daughters
Norfolk, VA 23507
Phone: (757) 668-7179

Mary Rogers, MD
PO Box 32861
Charlotte, NC 28232-2861
Phone: (704) 381-6802



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