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SIG purpose/mission:
To provide a forum for sharing information amongst academic division director’s including but not limited to General Pediatrics, Nursery, Hospitalist Medicine, Adolescent Medicine, Quality and Safety, Development and Behavioral Pediatrics and Child Protection.  All these disciplines share similar issues such as academic development and promotion, financial constraints and educational and research priorities. We welcome all division directors to our annual meeting at the PAS annual conference as well as communicating with us throughout the year to discuss common issues.

Current SIG goals:
1.  To provide topics that resonate with all division directors that can be discussed at our annual meeting. 
2.  To improve communication between institutions and to share current successes and ongoing challenges that are allowing or not allowing your division to reach its potential. 

Annual summary:
The Division Directors SIG and the LGBTQ Health and Well Being SIG provided a very educational joint meeting in Toronto at the recent 2018 PAS meeting.  Initially Dr. Mary Rogers presented some of the data gathered prior to the meeting concerning questions posed to our list serv on the following:  Does your hospital have a non-discrimination policy that mentions all the facets of LGBTQ+?  Does your department have a non-discrimination policy that mentions LGBTQ+?  Does your department/division have a LGBTQ+ curriculum for residents and faculty development?  Does your department/division have faculty who advocate for LGBTQ+ students, residents, and other faculty?  It was discovered that most departments and hospitals are in the midst of development or co-development of policies, but very few have functional curriculums that they were currently using for residents or staff.  Dr. Brian Lurie then provided much needed information for many Academic Pediatric departments that are struggling with implementing equitable, welcoming, and compassionate care to their LGBTQ+ youth and adolescent patients.   Although the majority of LGBTQ+ youth grow up to lead healthy lives, this marginalized population faces increased rates of both physical and mental health disparities.   Brian discussed best possible practices and to have departments develop trained faculty by utilizing educational resources to help care for this population.    In this highly interactive session, we were taught about a curriculum recently developed to help train Pediatric residents to care for LGBTQ+ youth. We were able to review parts of the curriculum, and brainstorm ways to use this curriculum for faculty development and advocacy as well as discuss best ways to implement in our departments.  We obviously also identified several potential barriers to adoption as well as no universal fit for each institution.  Additional questions focused on the EMR and confidentiality surrounding issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.   Other groups (other SIGs and other groups not in the APA) that work in your area of interest:  

We tend to draw mostly academic general pediatricians and some hospitalists division directors and we would like to be more inclusive of other directors.


Current SIG Co-Chairs:

John Harrington, MD
Chidlren's Hospital of The King's Daughters
Norfolk, VA 23507
Phone: (757) 668-7179

Mary Rogers, MD
PO Box 32861
Charlotte, NC 28232-2861
Phone: (704) 381-6802




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