Reach Out and Read Young Investigator Awards

Funding Path Overview

With generous support from Reach Out and Read, the APA Young Investigator Award for Primary Care Strategies for the Promotion of Early Literacy and School Readiness provides financial support for young investigators whose research projects focus on interventions in primary care intended to support the early stages of literacy development and school readiness among children at risk for reading problems or school failure.

Awardees may receive up to $15,000. This award's primary goal is to foster development of young investigators who will advance a research agenda related to:

  • Improving early literacy and school readiness among children, especially those at risk for language delay and school problems, through primary care-based interventions, including Reach Out and Read and other related programs.
  • Understanding home environmental and other influences (both social and biological) related to early literacy and school readiness to inform development and refinement of primary care interventions.


The principal investigator and his/or chosen mentor(s) of each submitted proposal must be members of the Academic Pediatric Association.

Receipt of applications is encouraged from individuals who are members of an underrepresented minority (URM), disabled, or from a socially, culturally, economically, or educationally disadvantaged background.

Proposals are welcome from those who are:

  • Faculty members no more than 5 years out from completion of all training (fellowship or post-doc)
  • Fellows
  • Post-doctoral trainees
  • Other individuals involved in research aligned with the APA's mission who are within 5 years of completion of training


  • Extended family leave
  • Job sharing
  • Military service and deployment
  • Graduates of APA Scholars Programs that include a focus on research may be granted an additional 3 years beyond completion of the APA Scholars Programs, provided their academic rank is at an Instructor or Assistant Professor-level, or the equivalent. APA Scholars Programs include: Educational, Research, New Century, and Quality Safety and Improvement Scholars Programs.

Applicants requesting extended eligibility should include the following items with their proposal submission:

  • An additional statement of 3 sentences or less describing their situation and rationale for this request. This statement should be provided on a separate document and does NOT count toward the application page limit.
  • The primary mentor's letter should also support this request for extended eligibility and attest to the applicant's commitment to research.

Previous Young Investigator Awardees are not eligible to apply.


This is a one-time award for 1 year. Multi-year funding requests will not be considered.

Preference will be given to proposals in which:

  • Findings are likely to lead to development of large-scale projects related to the ROR research agenda
  • The principal investigator articulates long term career goals related to the research agenda, and provides evidence for how receipt of the award will facilitate those goals
  • There is strong evidence of a dedicated mentorship
  • Collaborations with educational settings or other community partners may be included as part of the proposals, but are not required

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for APA Reach Out and Read Young Investigator Award, please click here for further instructions, and ensure you submit all materials specific to your selected funding path.

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