Newsletter Guidelines

The APA Focus is a quarterly newsletter published to provide members with timely information about upcoming conferences, APA core activities and announcements from Board members, SIG and Region leaders. The newsletter seeks submissions from APA members regarding any of the four pillars (education, research, health care delivery, and public policy and advocacy).

APA Focus

Goal: To improve the timeliness of the information going out to membership, to increase the amount of communication going to membership, and to highlight APA programs, core activities and upcoming conferences.

Detailed information is below, but the key points are:

  • The deadline for submission is the last day of the month before the newsletter is published. This is a firm deadline and items submitted after this time will go into the next newsletter.
  • The newsletter will be published on the 15th of the months of January, April, July, and October.
  • Submissions from APA members will be reviewed by the APA Communications Director. Members will be notified by the Communications Director if submissions will not be accepted for the newsletter.

Submissions must be submitted as a word document and can be sent to Laura Turner at


To speed up the process and bring you these newsletter issues in a timely manner, we would like to ask you to carefully read the below guidelines for creating and delivering your article to the APA in a word document.

  • Font: Times New Roman size 12
  • Font Color: Black or Blue only
  • Do not use indents at the beginning of paragraphs; leave a blank line and move on to your next paragraph.
  • If you mention APA members in your article please do not bold their names.
  • Do not list degree titles in articles after name(s).
  • If you wish to submit a picture with your submission, please provide the names of the people in the picture and a brief caption.
  • Only use the standard bullet point for your lists: a black dot, as used in this document.
  • Quarterly newsletters - Newsletters are published in January, April, July, and October. Each newsletter includes highlights from the APA's four pillars: Education, Research, Health Care Delivery and Public Policy and Advocacy with leadership being distributed throughout the newsletters.
  • All contributions will be accepted at anytime, however the newsletter schedule indicates when specific contributions from APA leaders are expected.
  • The deadline for submission is the last day of the month before the newsletter is published. Submissions after this date will be placed into the next newsletter.
  • Publication will be the 15th of the month of publication.
  • Reminder notices for submission are sent the first of the month prior to submission.
  • A submission table grid is available, please Click here.




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