July 2017 Newsletter Article

Academic Pediatrics Journal Updates

Congratulations to the official APA journal Academic Pediatrics on an increased impact factor to 2.72, the highest ever for the long-running publication!  Impact factor is largely determined by how often articles published in the past two years have been cited, which emphasizes the ever increasing quality of work coming from pediatric researchers.   The quantity of research manuscript submissions has also increased, and for that reason the journal now publishes 8 issues per year.  Since the redesign of the journal’s website,, the number of full text downloads has risen to about 200,000 annually.  Especially popular have been the supplements, which feature national experts summarizing and analyzing the state of research on a particular topic.  Look out for two such supplements coming this year:  one on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and another on improving HPV vaccination rates. Overall, the journal represents a strong platform for communicating novel insights related to clinical, educational, quality improvement, and health service research.  APA members are encouraged to consider submitting their academic work to this continually improving journal!

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