Standardized template for Reporting Ed Scholarship

Standardized Template For Reporting Educational Scholarship
(In Any Section of The EP)


  • Type: Letter to editor, case report, case series, review article, original article
  • Invited or peer reviewed?
  • Where published:
  • Impact factor of journal (if available)
  • Citations data (if available)


  • Type: Workshop, long or short platform presentation, poster, other
  • Invited or peer reviewed?
  • Where presented:
  • Purpose of the presentation:

Evidence of disseminated use of the product:

  • Description of product
  • Where was it adopted?
  • Other departments within institution
  • Other institutions

Evidence of how it was adopted

Glassick's six criteria for a scholarly approach/scholarship

(Acad.Med. 2000;75:877-880) provide a useful structure for systematic description of an educational activity:

  • Clear goals: stated purpose, realistic objectives, important questions
    Adequate preparation: understanding of literature, appropriate skills, needed resources
  • Appropriate methods: choice of methods that match goals, effective use and flexible application of methods
  • Significant results: goals are achieved, results are important, field is advanced
  • Effective presentation: presentation well organized, forums appropriate, message clear and sound
  • Reflective critique: work critically evaluated, supported with good evidence, evaluation used to improve future studies

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